Hiya! I’m a software engineer building rich, visual interactions between people and computers. My background includes graduate-level computer graphics research as well as video game and professional app development. My experience & interests cover:

  • 3D graphics, UI, and tools dev
  • machine learning
  • cloud-connected apps
  • gameplay & AI logic
  • physics-based character animation
  • rich interfaces for virtual worlds, using VR and haptic feedback

I am currently a Principal Engineer with Autodesk Pittsburgh, working on cloud services for reality capture & computing.

I developed experimental student games while an undergrad at Cornell University and industry titles at Electronic Arts. On the research side, I earned my MSc degree as a member of the Sensorimotor Systems Lab at the University of British Columbia. I also briefly conducted graduate studies in the computer graphics lab at Carnegie Mellon University.

My recent work mainly uses C++, node.js, OpenGL, and glsl. In the past, my personal toolbox has also included python, git, matlab, numpy + scikit-learn, Java, AS3, mongodb, protobuffers, and a whole mess of consumer apps & internal tools built around Qt.

Much of my past development work has used Visual Studio on Windows, but the freedom and fun of a unix shell + sublime text has been growing on me lately.

In my free time, I’m most likely reading a sci fi or pop sci book, swimming laps, running around one of Pittsburgh’s parks, trying out a new game, or baking reasonably scrumptious goodies. In 2017, I had the pleasure of being an Ironman Wisconsin finisher, if only because I was goaded into it by my more athletic sister!

bhumberston (at) gmail (dot) com