I’m a veteran software engineer building rich interactions between people and computers. My interests include…

  • 3D graphics, apps, and tools dev
  • virtual reality
  • machine learning
  • distributed apps

Currently, I am a software engineer at Meta’s Reality Labs Research in Pittsburgh, accelerating research into the future of social presence in VR.

In the past, I made games at Electronic Arts and 3D laser scan processing software as a Principal Engineer with Autodesk Pittsburgh. I earned my MSc degree as a member of the Sensorimotor Systems Lab at the University of British Columbia based on research into haptic interfaces for virtual environments

My recent work has mostly used C++, OpenGL, glsl, and git. Previously, my toolbox also included node.js, TypeScript, python, matlab, Java, AS3, protobuffers, and a whole mess of apps & tools built with Qt.

In my free time, I’m most likely reading, swimming, running around Pittsburgh’s lovely parks, trying out a new PC game, or baking tasty treats.

bhumberston (at) gmail (dot) com