Hiya! I’Ben Humberstonm a software engineer, game developer, and computer graphics researcher. I like to create, hack, & play with systems where people & computers have rich interactions. My interests cover…

  • game dev
  • physical character animation
  • machine learning
  • interactions with virtual worlds
  • haptic interfaces
  • distributed computing

I’ve developed experimental student games while an undergrad at Cornell University and industry titles at Electronic Arts. On the research side, I conducted graduate studies as a member of the Sensorimotor Systems Lab at the University of British Columbia and the computer graphics lab at Carnegie Mellon University.

My box of tools typically includes C++, python, git, OpenGL, glsl, matlab, Java, numpy, scikit-learn, mongodb, protobuffers, and a whole mess of GUIs built on Qt. I also have experience in AS3 and Android dev. After years of Visual Studio/Windows reliance, I’ve finally discovered the joy of unix shells, sublime text, & cmake.

In my free time, I’m most likely caught up in a sci fi or pop sci book, swimming laps, trying out a new MMO, or baking (debatably scrumptious) goodies.

Contact Info

email: bhumberston (at) gmail (dot) com
location: Smith 234, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA, 15213