Hiya! I’m a software engineer building rich, visual interactions between people and computers. My background includes professional game and application development in addition to graduate research in computer graphics. Particular areas of experience & interest cover:

  • 3D graphics, UI, and tools programming
  • physics-based character animation
  • gameplay & AI logic
  • machine learning
  • novel interfaces for virtual worlds (VR, haptic feedback, …)
  • cloud-based and distributed computing

I am currently a software engineer with Autodesk Pittsburgh, working on applications for Reality Computing.

I’ve developed experimental student games while an undergrad at Cornell University and industry titles at Electronic Arts. On the research side, I earned my MSc degree as a member of the Sensorimotor Systems Lab at the University of British Columbia. I also briefly conducted graduate studies in the computer graphics lab at Carnegie Mellon University.

My box of tools over the years has included C++, python, git, OpenGL, glsl, matlab, Java, numpy, scikit-learn, mongodb, protobuffers, and a whole mess of GUIs built on Qt. I also have experience in AS3 and some Android dev. I do a lot of work in Visual Studio but also enjoy a solid unix shell, sublime text, & cmake.

In my free time, I’m most likely working through a sci fi or pop sci book, running, swimming laps, trying out a new MMO, or baking (debatably scrumptious) goodies.

bhumberston (at) gmail (dot) com